Two Day Pass

The Inaugural Art Setouchi in Japan and new paintings by Australian Artist Angus Nivison

2-day-pass We spent days on the islands, and between them, crossing the sea in a haze of heat so extreme it turned everything closer to white, water and sky; snatching pockets of time, time in between, transit time; time to rest, recover, people watch, stare at the sea, process what we’d seen. Time to get cool with a Pocari Sweat or Kirin or Black Mountain coffee can or any of about 20 different kinds of drinks from the amazing vending machines. With our trusty marine passes tucked with our Setouchi Art Passports in a plastic sleeve slung across the tegaki tied around our necks. On the ferries, we took the time to relax, being part of something larger. Yes, we were gaijin, and yes, we were inarticulate and felt often (hilariously) clumsy but, like the thousands of Japanese on the festival trail with us, we were art tourists. In the days we were there, we rarely saw other foreigners. Read More...