The Stylist's Guide to NYC

Sibella Court’s ‘The Stylist’s Guide to NYC’ reviewed by ATL

Global gypsy Sibella Court does everything with individual, charismatic flair. From her signature dress sense (think campaign style - cashmere shawl, panama hat, canvas luggage), to her shop The Society Inc in Sydney’s Paddington (chock full of bowerbird finds, from bell jars to bedheads), her imaginative shoots for glossy magazines, interiors (including a lighthouse installation for New York’s Anthropologie, the very cool rope-hung Ms G’s restaurant in Sydney) to her smart-looking books. Her first, Etcetera won design awards, garnered a cult following, and sold out its first print run on release. The Stylist’s Guide to NYC is her second book, and a slightly trickier proposition. Yes, it’s beautiful to look at and hold (in a distinctively Sibella Court way, with a tactile hardcover, brown paper flyleaf, matt stock, and organic, notebook design) but it’s also challenging to categorise. Is it a travel guide? Or is it for people who live in New York? Or for those planning a move to NYC? Or all of the above? Do categories even matter?