Gallery Hop 2

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From top left: • John Nicholson Box Building #3 2011 plastic, particle board 76 x 35.5 x 24cm • John Nicholson Site Map 2011 plastic, plywood 9 pieces, dimensions variable • John Nicholson Site Plan #1 2011 plastic, particle board 78 x 112cm

John Nicholson uses plastic as a metaphor for light, as a way to make light solid. He’s known for his bright colour spectrum and vivid hard-edged abstract freestanding and wall sculptures. In his current solo show at Sydney’s Sarah Cottier Gallery, other materials have appeared in his practice – plywood and chipboard. These collectable sculptures are highly finished and ultra precise in terms of proportion, yet maintain an appealing playfulness.

In Perth’s new art space Portal+Zekka, young artist Mary Hardy has her first solo exhibition. She sculpts in latex and rubber, creating tables, dressers, mirrors, even a chandelier … domestic pieces of furniture that take on a surreal cast. One to watch.


From top left: All works by Mary Hardy • Black Frames, Latex, Resin • Dresser (detail) • Installation view • Set of frames. Latex, Cotton, Resin

One of Britain’s hottest street artists has hit Melbourne. D*Face, welcome to Australia! His strange Flutterdies and Splutterflies were first shown in LA earlier this year, and the concept has now been expanded into a full body of work, on display now at Metro Gallery. Lovers of street art & urban culture & subversiveness & global art practice - don’t miss.


From top: • D*Face • Superman HA HA HA by D*Face • Flutterdies • Queen Elizabeth (pink) by D*Face

John Nicholson I-Beam at Sarah Cotter Gallery till 12th November
Mary Hardy Collecting Intimacy at Portal+Zekka
D*Face at Metro Gallery 24th Oct – 12th Nov, opening night Wed 2nd November

- Susie Burge, all rights reserved. Photo images courtesy of the artists and their galleries.